Loud Graphics produces real estate signage



For a limited time only, there are exclusive plots of land for sale in the deep green forests of the Pacific North West. Loud Graphics had the project of design and production for the multiple plot sign along with the master map of “Serenity at Deep Lake”. To battle the wet environment, we opted for aluminum sign blanks with old school vinyl cutting, along with a sturdy sign post to stop those pesky Elk. What we don’t know is how bigfoot will react to his new yard additions.

Screen printed shirts with a movie trailer


Screen printed shirts with a movie trailer. A family project accompanied with shirts and GoPro.

SCRUB – Scrub the screens with degreaser and rinse.
STIR – Stir the emulsion after mixing in the diezo & distilled water.
DRY – Coat your screens and dry the emulsion.
TAPE & REGISTER – After exposing the screens, tape and register on the press.
PRINT – Print each color once the screens are registered on the press.

Combining photography with 3D for web


Sometimes you just can’t seem to find that perfect background for your web project.. even with the cascading options of stock photography. In this case we decided to use our own background, using Blender.